When you hear the word or say the word out loud, what type of emotions does the word evoke?

If you are like every other American woman, the first few words that come to mind might suggest birth as a negative, painful experience. The birth process in America has been understood to be a traumatic rite of passage for nearly every woman. In the United States, most women honestly fear labor. However, in many other parts of the world, women are raised on the notion that birth is a manageable, almost gentle tradition of life.

To me, the majority of the medical community regards birth as a crisis. In fact as of 2009, cesarean sections account for 32.9% of all births. The medical community wants to jump in, fearful of complications, with their sophisticated tools, and make childbirth “easier”. As a result of this mindset and us becoming dependent on the shiny tools, women are not physically, mentally, or emotionally ready to give birth.

As women, our bodies are designed to give birth. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. It is a physical feature of our bodies that has been fine-tuned over centuries.

Birth is the greatest athletic event we, as women, will ever endure. It is our Olympics, our World Cup, our Masters, U.S. Open, or even an Ironman race. Women train for months, and years at a time to compete at these levels. Women train to be in the best physical, mental, and emotional shape possible for a single moment of glory. Yet, birth is more rewarding than all those events combined. Why would you not train to be the best you can be to bring another life into this world? Birth can be your MOMENT OF GLORY. This is your time to shine!

Dr. Lindsey Mathews