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“You are fabulous! You have absolutely, positively impacted my health, happiness, mothering and ‘wife-ing’ forever!” -Alison Scherr, mother of two in South Dakota.

I met Alison while I was in chiropractic school back in 2007.  Alison’s husband Jayme was a few terms ahead of me in chiropractic school. When I had down time, I would be at their house two blocks away.

Wow! Times flies.

After Jayme graduated from chiropractic school, they moved back to South Dakota where Jayme started his practice. Just this past year Jayme’s Dad was honored with chiropractor of the year in South Dakota. Today, Jayme and Alison have two beautiful kids, Aliyah and Luca. They spend their weekends hiking, skiing, fishing, or whatever they can get into outdoors.

Alison keeps herself and her family healthy by eating real food, getting adjusted, and working out four to five times a week, not including her weekend activities. Alison has been doing workouts that Functional Fitness on the Bluffs and I have been programming for her since February. She recently completed 50 deadlifts at 95 pounds!

Thank you Alison for your kind words. People like you encourage me to be a better doctor and person. You are an inspiration to me!