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Now that my sister is married I can get back to changing the world… 🙂

Some of you read visit this blog to get motivation from me. Here’s little story about what makes me motivated….

Last week I traveled to Texas for my sister, Taylor, and her fiance, Grant’s, wedding festivities. I landed in Austin Wednesday night and wanted to get a workout in before the fun-filled weekend ahead of me.

Thursday morning I headed to Crossfit Central.

Flashback to last October 2011..

I joined my boyfriend Logan, our friend Ingrid, and the rest of the Crossfit Central greats (Carey Kepler, Lisa Thiel, Jeremy Thiel, and Jessica Estrada) for one of their regular lunchtime workouts. Only Logan knew that this was maybe my third official CrossFit workout and only Logan knew that I didn’t know everyone in the room was, well, famous.

That’s right. My third CrossFit workout ever and I was thrown in with the coaches of Crossfit Central. The group started with heavy snatches. I had never tried a snatch before, so I decided to tell Logan that I would just go shopping and pick him up in a bit. Of course Logan did not let me leave and to this day I’m grateful.

I made huge strides with the snatch. I remember watching Lisa and Carey, not knowing that they were Games veterans, and thinking, “I want to look like that when I lift.” I remember watching our tiny friend, Ingrid, and thinking, “How the hell does she get that much weight above her head?

After the snatches came the WOD: 6 rounds of 6 Handstand pushups, 12 pull ups, and 18 lunges with heavy dumb bells. I think I scaled the scaled version. My WOD was 3 HSPU off of a box, 6 pull ups with a band, and 18 lunges with maybe 15 pound dumb bells. I was in complete shock when EVERYONE finished while I was maybe on round 3– HA! I was also in complete shock when EVERYONE (girls and guys) cheered me on and made me finish. Even though at that time I only knew Logan and Ingrid in the room, I loved that moment.

Back to last Thursday before my sister’s wedding…

I participated in the Women’s Only class at Crossfit Central. Nyki and Chelsea were the amazing coaches. The warmup was 20 pull ups, run 400m, 10 pull ups, run 200m. I was stoked. I did all the pull ups! The WOD was 6 rounds (weird) of 8 dumb bell snatches and 12 plyo pushups. I smiled because at least I knew what a snatch was this time around. The ladies were awesome, the coaches were great, and Crossfit Central always has a special place in my heart.

Strong, confident, beautiful women are what motivates me. When a woman has tapped into her inner strength, she radiates all over. I believe this inner strength is what makes women so beautiful and capable of things such as birth. Find your inner strength and radiate your world!