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I’m in the game of movement and high performance. I specialize in the biomechanics of the body whether your a CrossFit Games competitor, Olympian, or eight months pregnant and ready to take on birth. To be in motion means you’re alive and thriving. Therefore, I do everything I can to get my patients back on the field of life.

Whether I’m headed to a CrossFit competition, track meet, or a local house call, I’m never without my RockTape. I use RockTape because they believe in movement just as much as I do. They believe in not only the muscles participating in a movement pattern, but also the surrounding fascia. RockTape views movement along an entire kinetic chain rather than one joint and two muscles.

For more information on RockTape, click on the link on the left side of my website. There you will find information and you can order your very own RockTape in fancy colors.

32 weeks and rocking it!