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Compare training during pregnancy to how you trained previously.

Well let me just tell you that trainging during preg was a challenge for me prior to becoming pregnant. I was RX’ing most of my WOD’s and going “all out”, so it was tuff for me to take a “step back”, but being able to accept in my head that I COULD still CF during pregnancy helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I kept telling myself, its only for 9 months and plus its about him right now, and I know I am giving him the BEST possible start. So yes it was quite different on “level” of what I could and couldn’t do, but not in my heart and head knowing I felt GREAT, and so did he!!

As someone with training CrossFit during pregnancy fresh in your mind, what advice would you give to other owmen training throughout their pregnancy?

I would tell them NOT to stop. Don’t be afraid that you will “hurt” your baby, by doing CF. It not only helped me feel great and stay energized, but I have been having such an amazing recovery time. I would tell them to seek the advice from there Dr’s first, but that if they give you the “go ahead” , keep at it, just don’t be silly about it, take things slow, and not go crazy on trying to go “all out”. You showed up and your not on your couch…..so just complete it no matter how long it takes ya!

What did your diet look like during your pregnancy? Were you more ‘strict’ during those 9 months or was it more difficult to eat clean during pregnancy?

I knew the more crud I ate, the bigger I would get and the not so great start (my new son) would get. I refused to get over 170, and I DIDN’T! You can bet I ate pretty darn good for being pregnant, but I sure as heck gave into my cravings 😉 I was always careful not to over do it and made sure I always kept him in mind when sticking anything in my mouth!

Did you utilize anyone for body work and/or alternative therapies during pregnancy (chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.)?

I actually went to a massage therapist weekly the last 10 weeks or so just because my upper back was bothering me. I did have weak vertebra before I got pregnant so lifting weights always helped with this problem. Going to her (massage therapist) REALLY helped out!

What was your favorite workout during pregnancy?

I really didn’t have a favorite. I was just soooo pumped up that I could still WOD. I LOVED being able to still do my pullups (RX’d) at 9 months pregnant!

Much of training CrossFit involves a lifestyle both in and out of the gym. How much would you say a lifestyle that supports vigorous exercise, strong community ties, and a priority in nutrition played a role in the success of your pregnancy?

 Oh Gosh huge huge role! Being in the CF community where people DON’T judge you, and encourage you to keep going. And, other pregnant CF’ers are sharing their stories and posting there journey as well gave me all the motivation I needed to continue without hesitation that I might be “hurting my baby or myself”. I could say that without the fans on my page I wouldn’t have had the courage to continue, since everyone has there opinions on what pregnant women should and shouldn’t do. Glad I am in the community of people and women who say “PUSH ON and KEEP GOING”!

It seems like that which helps athlete’s in a workout, for example, would also help a woman in pregnancy. From focusing on the task at hand, to trusting the process and fighting through to the end. In what ways, if any, was giving birth like the mental game that plays out in a WOD?
While laying in the bed with epidorals wearing off left and right and feeling the pain and burn of childbirth put me right back in the “box”. There are days that I feel like my body will give out from under me, but when I listen to my heart and coach, I find a whole new stregnth within. Hearing my fiance right there and knowing that this was NOTHING I couldn’t handle, helped me fight all the way through 10 hours of labor. (I ended) with a C-section, but I was up walking the very next day!!! The nurses couldn’t believe it, and you can bet I was wearing my CF shirt in there, and they all said “Oh the explains it”, I said you are darn right, I CF’ed all throughout, and they were all just in awe. I owe so much of why he was the perfect 6 pds 12 ounces of pure joy to the CF lifestyle and support! I would encourage ANY women to continue, knowing you are giving your little one the best possible start!!!

Congratulations Meg on the birth of your son!