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Happy International Babywearing Week!

Ergo Baby is the best.


Many of you know I love seeing parents wearing their baby. Babywearing is a natural skill that does not take much time to master. When a baby is born there is very little they actually do need. Babies do not need all the fancy toys, cribs, or carriers. They need nutrients and human contact. Moms can provide nutrients by breastfeeding and both parents can provide love and support via human contact. Many cultures have been wearing babies for centuries.

Wearing your baby provides a safe comforting environment for your baby and you. The two of you begin to feed off of each other’s energy. The baby is allowed to observe the outside world while feeling the heart beat and vibrations of the mother or father that is carrying the little one. Babies that are carried tend cry less and are not as fussy. Babies that are carried also tend to have healthier immune systems because they learn to regulate their systems based on their mother’s system in which they are in direct contact with.

Moms that are BirthFIT love to wear their baby!

For more information on Babywearing click here.


Remember today is a rest day.
There will be workouts on Thursday & Friday.