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At the moment I just returned to my hotel room from dinner with the brains behind Original Nutritionals and the mastermind behind The SICest of the Southwest CrossFit Competition that is happening Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona. Original Nutritionals will be sporting some clean looking threads this weekend along with offering a sneak peak inot their new products. And, I have no doubt that Naj will pull off a well executed CrossFit Competition. I’m pumped for this event. I’m a big fan of Original Nutritionals, and I’m a big fan of Naj and Luke of CrossFit Scottsdale.

For those of you that don’t know, your BirthFIT doctor entered the Intermediate Division of the  competition this weekend. I entered kind of on a whim because there was one more spot left. However, there are three main reasons why I signed up to compete this weekend. Reason number one is that I want to experience the emotional roller coaster that my athletes go through when competing at a CrossFit competition, triathlon, baseball games, and so on. Reason number two is because I love to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. And reason number three that I chose to compete is because I’m down to have some fun and meet new people. CrossFit brings out the competitive nature in us all. I would encourage you to sign up to compete in any competition, near or far, so that you can challenge yourself and have a great time while doing so.

Follow along at SICFIT.


Warm Up
Jog 800m or Row 1k. 
Burgener Warm Up
Advanced Athlete 
20 Cleans (85#)
Run 1 mile or row 2k
20 cleans 
Intermediate Athlete 
20 cleans (65#)
Run 800m or row 1k
20 cleans
Beginner Athlete 
10 cleans (45#)
Run 800 or Row 1k
10 cleans
Weights can always be less than what is listed. 
If belly gets in the way, use one or two kettle bells.