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This blog post may be a bit more real then some of you prefer. Out of nowhere I found myself fascinated with this site called CarryingColin. I had just got home from acupuncture and was going to write about something completely different. That was until I found myself still on this site an hour later. However, by this time I had smiled, cried, and even got out my copy of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree to reread.

Here’s the deal. Brian and Joanna Perry are due around October 31st, 2012. About the time their first trimester was complete their baby was diagnosed with Anencephaly, which is a fatal neural tube defect. Most babies that are born with this condition do not live a week. Most families choose to terminate the pregnancy.

Not The Perrys. They have decided to find the light in a dark situation. Once they found out they were having a son, they named him Colin. They started the website CarryingColin to bring awareness and support to other families going through similar experiences. They have decided to carry Colin until he his born. They will continue to get to know Colin while he is the womb. Once he enters the world they will cherish the moments they have together. The Perrys have showered Colin with so much love so far.

During the hour I found myself lost in CarryingColin, I read every blog post and page on the website. This couple is powerful and Colin seems determined to change the world, even if he only sees it for five days. Brian and Joanna are brave beyond measure. To me, mothers are the strongest most beautiful creatures in the world. Those words would not do Joanna justice as we can all see how courageous and loving she is. However, once Colin enters this world she, she is going to have to be stronger than anything else ever in her life. Send prayers to The Perrys. Send positive energy. And, please take a minute (or an hour) to look at their site. Donate to carry a piece of Colin with you.

I’ve left you with the page in which Joanna provided a few journal enteries. One the day she found out she was pregnant. One the devastating day they received the news.  And, one about a month ago as they have come to terms with their situation.


Warm Up 
20m of each: lunge twist, lunge with elbow tap, bear crawl, duck walk. 
2 rounds:
10 Glute Bridges
10 Good Mornings
2- 30 second plank holds 
Jog 200m
Deadlifts (165#)
Knees to elbow
Run 200m
Deadlifts (135#)
Knees to elbow
Run 200m
Deadlifts (115#)
Knees to elbow
Run 200m
Run, row, or walk. 
Romanian Deadlifts are a good alternate. 
Knees to parallell.