A little rockstar named Aly Willier of RxStars posted this the other day and I thought it fitting. Let’s do this! Legend in the making!


Warm Up
Jog 100m, Skip 100m, Run backwards 100m, Jog 100m.
10 squats.
If inversions area ok with you & your pregnancy, then hold a handstand a few seconds.  
10 Scapula push ups. 
10 Shoulder taps while in plank. 
10 Pistols on the left. 
10 Pistols on the right. 
Repeat everything. 
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
Row 500m.
REST 2 Min.
EMOM 10 Min: 3 Strict Press (50-70% max).
Row 500m. 



Light weight is always an option. You can do two strict presses or as many as five. Listen to your body and go with what you feel comfortable with today.