Lindsey Valenzuela.

She may be one of the most remarkable human beings I’ve ever known. Yes, I take care of her on a weekly basis. Yes, she can snatch 200 lbs. Yes, she owns two of the cutest bulldogs ever. Yes, her husband is a badass cop. And, yes, she just won the Outlaw Open Invitational. However, she is much more than what you see on the CrossFit Games site or on Facebook.


Lindsey is a believer. She believes in me just as much as she believes in herself. She truly gives a shit about the person standing next to her. Lindsey has more heart than I’ve seen in the world’s greatest professional athlete or the top actor of our decade. She is the apple of many young girl’s eyes and there is, in my opinion, no better role model. Our young girls need to know that they are beautiful, strong, and perfect the way they are. Lindsey is their greatest supporter.

I get excited and nervous to watch Lindsey. I feel like I’m watching my own child. I know her potential. I know she’s explosive. I know her gymnastics abilities have reached crazy levels. I know she can throw weight around like it’s no body’s business. I know her mental threshold is now on a whole new level after SealFit. I know she has the ability to do whatever she dreams.

Lindsey Valenzuela is a force to reckoned with. She will not settle for anything less than she believes she can achieve. Her spirit is infectious. I’m her biggest supporter, because I take responsibility for her physical wellbeing. She believes in me and I believe in her. She believes in BirthFIT and I believe we will see Lindsey Valenzuela on the podium at the 2013 CrossFit Games. She pushes me to be my best, and that’s all I could ask for in a patient and a friend. You’re amazing, Lindsey! 

The “People’s Champ.” 




Warm Up
Row 500m or Jog 800m. 
10 Perfect squats. 
10 Scap Pull ups. 
10 KB strict press on each arm, working up in weight. 
10 Lunges with elbow tap. 
10 side lunges each way. 
Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner
3 Rounds (Fight Gone Bad Style):
1min. Squats
1min. Pull ups
1min. Deadlifts (135#, 105#, 75#)
1min. Lunges. 
1min. KB Strict Press (26#, 18#, 9#)
2min. Rest
As you can see, the rest between rounds is 2min insteand of the usual 1min. 
Strict press can be done with double KBs or one. 
Whatever weight you choose for DL or strict press, make sure it is a weight you can continuously move through the minute with. 
Walking lunges are encouraged. 
Pull ups should be done with a band especially as you progress through your pregnancy.