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It is my belief that a woman should have her baby where she wants to have her baby. If the woman and her partner want to have their baby at the hospital, then so be it. If the woman and her partner want to have their baby at their home, then so be it. It is the woman’s choice.

Brianna Battles

As sad as it is for me to even communicate this with you, there are bullies in the pregnancy and birth world, just as there are in the nutrition world. In the same way that much of the nutrition world is run by money and advertising, much of the pregnancy world is run by a few misguided individuals and the money that they throw into marketing and lawmaking.

There is evidence out there, that obviously is not publicized, that suggests numerous benefits to birth at home, birth with a midwife, and birth without drugs. There is evidence out there that justifies a vaginal birth over a cesarean section unless the child or mother is in danger.  There is evidence out there that says a breech delivery can be safe and effective for mom and baby. There is lots of information out there to support a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC).

Our society needs to adapt a new platform. Healthcare providers, ObGyns and midwives, need to be skilled in delivering babies in the hospital as well as the home. Healthcare providers need to be skilled in delivering vaginal births as well as breech births. Healthcare providers and healthcare systems need to listen to the woman’s fears and desires. This is when a woman is most vulnerable. Healthcare providers need to empower women, so that women can trust their bodies.

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Get the blood pumping: 

1 mile run OR

2k Row

For Time: 

3 Rounds (Advanced 35#, Intermediate 26#, Beginner 18# or less)

30 Goblet Squats
40 OH Walking lunges with plate (25#, 10#, no weight)
30 KB Cleans
40 OH Walking lunges