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Saturday, I took part in the Crush Cancer event hosted by Dogtown CrossFit of Culver City. The entire Crush Cancer event is a month long campaign to raise money for cancer research- Crush Cancer + Stand Up to Cancer. Gyms from all over the world put their efforts together to raise $250k for cancer research.

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The culmination of the campaign happened yesterday in Downtown Culver City. Gyms from all over Southern California came out to do a workout in honor of those that have and will battle cancer. It was very surreal to see a husband workout for his wife that battled cancer last year and won. Or, a daughter do the workout in honor of her father that has passed.

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The event touched lives of many yesterday. Crush Cancer serves as a way for many to pay respect and lift those up that they care for that are fighting the hard fight. Crush Cancer is here to remind us that you can always push just a little further. Fight on!

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3 Rounds

1 min Power Cleans (65#)

1 min KB Swings (35#)

1 min Burpees

1 min Shoulder to Overhead (65#)

1 min Double Unders/Single Unders

1 min Rest


  • Do the whole thing with a KB if you want.
  • Pick a weight that you feel you can do 10-12 reps in a row on each station for the first round at least.
  • Burpees- Plank to squat to standing.
  • 45s at each station may feel better and give you 10-15s to rest between movements at least.

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