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One of the original BirthFIT OG’s gave us a glimpse into her journey of motherhood and quest to get her core back. Brianna is a super mom. She shared her birth story with the BirthFIT audience last August.

This recent instagram post is from last week. Brianna has been back in the gym and enjoying life with her little bundle of joy, Cade. Her journey has not been all cupcakes and rainbows as some would paint the picture of new motherhood. Brianna shares exactly how real her journey has been so far.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.19.45 PM

Brianna has been recovering from diastasis recti. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog the diagnosis can vary from woman to woman and the recovery course of action depends on the individual. Unfortunately, Brianna does not live close to my office, so I referred her to an awesome chiropractor that has experience in using RockTape, understands athletic women, and respects the pregnancy and postpartum process. Brianna is strong and determined, and she is navigating her way around her new body with support. She has been gracious enough to let the community in on her journey. Brianna wants every mom to know that the journey is difficult at times, but support is out there.


Brianna doing pull-ups with a weight vest. The perks of carrying around a baby for 40 weeks.

Give this woman a hand. She’s working hard with a smile on her face. Follow her @bribattles on instagram!

-Lindsey Mathews




800 Run

25 Wall Balls (Pick a weight you can do 7-10 reps in a row)

30 Shoulder to Overhead (Pick a weight you can do 5-8 reps in a row)

800 Run

25 Wall Balls


  • Row or walk if you do not want to run.
  • Wall Balls can be air squats, goblet squats, or front squats with a KB.
  • Shoulder to overhead can be done with double KBs (lighter) if the barbell path is altered. You can also use PVC.
  • Take breaks and breathe.