Nutrition Coaching


It all begins with nutrition. Health and performance are directly affected by what we choose to fuel our bodies with. With pregnancy, the responsibility becomes two fold. Early in pregnancy is an important time to begin to teach your child lessons and relationships with food.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t support an optimal diet and the sea of nutrition information out there is mirky with confusing information. Our nutrition consultation is the perfect start to grab ahold of your nutrition and refine areas that need improvement.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews is registered in Paleo Physicians Network. 

Blood Analysis

The numbers don’t lie. Not everything in health and wellness is visible to the naked eye. Doing your blood work is a great way to see the whole picture. Our blood analysis package includes a consultation with Dr. Melissa Ponce.


Weekly Meal Guidance

Understand the plan but you’re still unsure how to make it happen? Our weekly meal plan program is perfect for keeping it simple. We can iron out all the details of every meal and snack for you. You can choose how much control you want to have and viola! – You’ve got a championship meal plan.

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